My process begins with a simple shape or style that I envision in gold. I am inspired most things; fashion, nature, architecture. I begin to draw out ways that I could potentially capture these feelings in metal.

The original models are all made in my studio in New Orleans. Once I fine tune the idea, I send off to be cast in New York. Using the raw casting, I select the finish, stones and perfect the shape. For the next few weeks, I wear the piece. I do this with every design. It helps me to work out any adjustments, as well as grow an organic connection between myself and my work. 

I want the process to be small and intimate. Not only is the quality of the workmanship of utmost importance, the same standards are applied to the materials used.  The diamonds are ethically sourced, the stones are natural (no dyes, unless noted) and all are set by hand. I do my best to ensure that all gold purchased is recycled.

By keeping my production in the United States and working alongside veterans in the Diamond District, I can maintain a level of intimacy with my art that is the reason I make jewelry in the first place.