Hi Friends, 

My name is Lauren Bott. I'm the lead designer, CEO, head of marketing, sometimes tortured artist and occasional unpaid intern behind Crowe Jewelry. My line was born in 2009 out of the grief of losing my father, JCW. His loss pushed me to create something bright, sparkly and joyful during that hard time. He, like me, was a small business owner. He was charismatic, smart and funny. Sophisticated in most ways with a bit of an eclectic edge, just like my designs. 
I have spent sixteen fabulous years working in film and television, while simultaneously making jewelry on the side. You have to truly love what you do to build it after a 14 hour day. Through years of fittings and countless dollars spent on accessories, I have a pretty good idea of what my aesthetic is - Gold. The goal for this next chapter is to share all of that knowledge with YOU. The things that worked (and those that didn't) are all of equal value. It doesn't have to be hard. It's jewelry. Let's build something gorgeous!